behzad ghobadi, Iranian musician and entrepreneur living in Turkey

Behzad Ghobadi (born November 10, 1991 in Abadan) He is one of the best

Iranian entrepreneurs and musician living in Turkey now.

the profession

Behzad Ghobadi’s main profession is buying and selling diamonds, gold and

jewelry, as well as making them.


He graduated from Abadan University with a degree in Management.

In 2015, after the death of his father, along with an old friend named

Massoud Nasserpour Kiani, who worked with him for 5 years in sales and

construction, he decided to take specialized courses in the field of labor

costs, sales of all textiles of gold jewelers.

Bachelor’s degree and issuance of diamond identity card, color jewelry

expertise and identity card issuance, making all jewelry textiles, jewelry

gold jewelry design with matrix and beautiful software.

For this purpose, he traveled to Isfahan with his friend to take the above

specialized courses and went to one of the best educational institutions in

the city, which under the supervision of the president of the Golden

Housing Union, Mr.

Houshang Shishebran, under the management of his eldest son, Parsa Shishebaran.

The main reason for Behzad’s return to Isfahan was because the jewelry

industry in this city was several thousand years old and was one of the top

seven manufacturers in the world.

After passing the courses, receiving international degrees for 1 year in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar,

in the gold workshop of the late Professor Amir Vaziri, the best and most

influential man and professor in this field were casting, goldsmithing,

expenditure, three-dimensional design and They worked with companies

and gold workshops in Tehran for a year.

Then, due to the severe economic recession in Behzad Ghobadi’s career,

which was considered the death of his job, he emigrated to Turkey,

the city of Istanbul.

After a short period of cooperation with Turkish companies, it succeeded in

cooperating in the design and construction of damaged goldsmiths’ bases

with manufacturers in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand and India.

He also had the honor of attending three exhibitions at the Istanbul

International Exhibition in collaboration with several Turkish producers.

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