Sirous Hosseinifar , Iranian actor and comedian

Sirous Hosseinifar , born on 26 march 1979 in Kermanshah, is Iranian comedian.

He is a graduate of acting and a computer diploma, who started his career

in theater and then entered live performances in imitation of sound and acting in front of the camera.

Known as the man of a thousand larynxes

He started performing on stage from 1978 until 2001, when he was 22 years old.

This fame gradually opened his feet to the provincial media of Kermanshah and Ilam to the national networks and the Cup and Cup.

Sirous Hosseinifar June 2017 in the comedy show The comedy show in the group of Hossein Majouni was one of the contenders in this series

Although he worked professionally in the field of stand-up for many years,

but an unfair and unprofessional concoction left him out of the group, which annoyed this artist.

Marriage + children

In 2004, when I was 25 years old, I got married, which is the result of two angels that I love very much.

Play at Aunt Beetle

In 1397, this comedian succeeded in gaining professional acting experience

in 15 episodes with the home network series Hashtag Khaleh Sooskeh, directed by Mohammad Moslemi.

He then starred in the 1998 series Twins

Hosseinifar, however, was able to act in the national media in 1999 by appearing in the series Nun Kh2,

directed by his co-speaker Saeed Agakhani.

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