Tennessee football has a ‘different vibe’ with Josh Heupel as head coach

We’ve composed a considerable amount about Tennessee football’s practices under Josh Heupel in the course of recent weeks. There were blindfolded walk-throughs, responsibility/cooperation practices and a dodgeball match that would’ve struck dread into the Globo Gym Purple Cobras. Heupel is pulling out the entirety of the stops ahead of schedule into his residency on Rocky Top.

Be that as it may, it improves. To commence spring practice with full hardware, the new UT head coach surprised the group with a reviving post-practice treat. Indeed, the Tennessee football storage space was loaded up with upbeat campers and frozen yogurt coverings early a week ago.

Fans ought to be empowered by the relational advancement this list has made all through the brief timeframe Heupel’s training staff has been in Knoxville. This isn’t to imply that there haven’t been a couple of hiccups during this time too, however youngsters commit errors consistently.

This new culture has apparently propelled those players to take responsibility for their bad behaviors – that is the significant part. Senior guarded back Theo Jackson may have put it best: Tennessee football with Josh Heupel on the headset is “only an alternate vibe.”

Jackson wasn’t the just upperclassmen to pay heed to the diverse air that includes Rocky Top’s offices. Fifth-year senior Velus Jones Jr. remarked on his relationship with Heupel recently on UT’s webcast, “The Slice”.

An exchange from the USC Trojans, Jones has gained from a modest bunch of strong football minds over his playing profession, including public title quarterback Tee Martin a year ago. That is important for what offered his remarks on UT’s new authority so reassuring.

Those anxious to see the “distinctive vibe” Heupel and his training staff have brought to the program are in karma. The group reported for the current week its arrangement to hold open practice at Neyland Stadium on Saturday, April 10, at 10 a.m.

Assuming it doesn’t rain, this Saturday will stamp the first in-person practice open to fans and individuals from media since August 2018, as per David Ubben of The Athletic. All lights are booming green on Rocky Top.

Heupel obviously has an alternate method of getting things done, and he isn’t reluctant to possess everything. Those wearing the actual pullovers appear to be the most amped up for the new instructing staff out of anybody. As senior guarded back Alontae Taylor said when Tennessee football recruited Heupel in January, “we got what we needed, not what outsiders thought we needed.”

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